Tips to Promote Healthy Development in Your Child

child development

First time parents must get informed about how child development works. While it is true that each child develops at his/her own pace, there are signs you can monitor to make sure your little one is on the right track. Development begins before a kid is even born. In the first week of gestation, a child’s neurological system starts to take shape, and by 17 weeks, a fetus can even hear. So, it may be a good idea to start signing or reading to your baby way early on. However, the real work begins after your precious one is born. There are activities that you and your baby can engage in to improve development. Let’s discuss what you can do to promote your kid’s healthy development:

Connect with your little one

Infants react positively to human contact. Maintaining that contact will help you connect with your baby and vice versa. While you are with your little one, hold him/her close, sing to him/her, and make other gestures that will stimulate sight and hearing. Research shows that staying connected with parents help children develop language skills and motor functions rather quickly. You can also monitor your baby’s sight. See how he/she reacts to changes in light, scenery and faces. Research shows that infants love designs and objects that resemble the human face. It is also important to smile at your baby and try to make him/her laugh.

Excite the baby’s senses

During the second and third months, infants start to explore and learn about their environments. At this developmental stage, you should introduce your baby to different shapes and textures. Let him/her touch different kinds of surfaces, and expose him/her to different sights and smells. This type of exposure will help your child grow familiar with different aspects of his/her environment.

Give him/her ample tummy time

Before a child learns to walk, they learn to crawl. However, to make that happen, your baby first needs to spend time on his/her tummy. Child specialists say that this helps babies develop a strong body. If you want your child to develop motor skills appropriate for his/her age, initiate tummy time. You can start by placing your little one on your lap or chest. You can also hold him/her in your arms. Just when your baby learns to hold his/her head up, you can place a blanket on the floor, and place your baby on it. Babies often don’t enjoy tummy time. If you notice any sign of struggle or discomfort, you will know tummy time is over for the day.

Talk to your baby

To help your child develop language skills, you will need to start talking to him/her. During the first two months, you should start by imitating the sounds he/she makes. Start talking to your child using a soothing voice tone and exaggerated facial expressions, and see how he/she responds. When your child reaches the age of 4 to 5 months, you can start imitating the babbling sounds like “ba-ba”, “ga-ga”, “da-da” and so on. You should also address to your little one by his/her name.

Try these tips and see how your baby responds. Over the course of months and years, you will start noticing developmental changes. Monitor the changes, and consult your doctor if you see any worrying signs.

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4 Ways to Act on the Disobedience of the Children

Children with defiant behavior

If you seek for the solution of the problems sincerely only then you find proper the guidelines. Therefore, when we talk about the parenting of disobedient children then usual disciplinary practices will not be that much handy. In reality, the actual cause is merely the main difference between disobedience and defiance. Although, we may start to believe that some acts are there to be obvious, but when it comes to the matter of children, this approach is always proven wrong to be adopted.

There are numerous causes of disobeying behavioral aspects in children. On the other hand, when it comes to the fact of defiance behavior in children there is only one reason behind. The children with defiant behavior always focus to weaken the authoritative powers of parents by hook or by crook. They are not trying to know their limits or attempting to test the level of tolerance of the parents. They’re daring their authoritative rights. This is often the explanation and also the target.

This is definitely the main reason as to know why the concerned child misbehaves that much badly. It becomes highly essential to look for the solutions regarding the concerns in defiant behavioral issues of the children. The general assumption of parents of knowing why the child having distorting behavior is not recommended.

It is highly recommended to be a step further to find and completely recognize the actual causes of defiant behavior of the concerned child. Moreover, it is particularly essential prior to the implementation of any disciplinary practices. Generally, children having defiant behavioral issues are suffering from some problems internally that effect their behavior that much badly.

Issues include depression, inferiority complex, esteem problems, anxiety and many more. These sentimental incidents affect the children quite deeply and they even get confused as how to handle these experiences. Furthermore, their deficiencies to properly understand and to express their sentiments make it very hard for them to define these sentimental issues. For children to come out from these difficult circumstances has never been easier.

These aspects are well representing the toughness to deal with this parenting issue. The importance of disciplining the defiant child is further extended if his/her disobedient behavior starts affecting the surroundings as well. Disciplining the defiant children generally assesses the level of tolerance of the parents and they have to be very patient in this regard to achieve the best results. This may prove to be their best prospect in transforming the spoiled behavior of children.

Children with defiant behavior take high motivation of their misbehavior from personal encounters. Therefore, if we eliminate this motivational aspect then the children left with nothing to react upon. This provides the parents with the strong initial base to get through more deeply to the way of thinking of their child and look what they can do best to improve the misbehaviors.

Following are the proven tips that already helped number of parents in this regard.

1. Love Assurance

Parents must not hesitate to show and express their everlasting support and affection. This act of the parents must be repetitive. Those children who do not mentally accept that their parents care for them unconditionally, they do not inclined to follow the guidelines of their parents. They won’t give any consideration to the instructions that their parents give them as how to behave and present themselves.

2. Calmness

In even the most crucial situations, parents are highly advised to stay very cool and calm. So, they can better be able to know the entire scenario without indulged themselves in screaming and scolding the children.

3. Verbalize Before Act

It is advisable for the parents to question their children on their disobedience and ask them to list alternative acts that would have had different and far better consequences at the end of the disobedient deed. Parents should always encourage verbalization before going to act strictly or harshly. They should admire the fact that words have greater meaning than actions in parenting responsibilities.

4. Make Better Choice in Consultancy

After going through all the advices, it is recommended to choose a better professional consultant for the child. In this regard, parents should go towards the Psychologist first rather than going towards the Psychiatrist directly. Parents should know the difference between them as Psychologists do their treatment without medicines, whereas Psychiatrist deals the patient using various neurological medicines. Treating the patient closely, the Psychologist may further suggest whether to go towards Psychiatrist or not.

Other than these healthy tips, there are more numerous recommendations that should be followed. The differences between defiance and disobedience have been addressed in this article. Defiance itself is a very vast issue and may demand the consultancy of reputed doctors in this concern. These tips will be proved healthier in parenting responsibilities.