Productive Training Day

In the interest of continually moving forward in a tough industry, lots of companies like to hold regular training days for their employees. Not only does this keep everyone up to date with anything new that has recently entered the business world, it is also a great chance to check that everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet and that the brand’s core beliefs are being upheld across all departments.

It can be difficult to plan one of these training days though, especially when you are trying to pull together people from different areas of the country or even further afield. So with that in mind, here are some important things to consider when arranging your company’s training day.

Productive Training Day


It is very important that you find a venue that suits the event you are planning for. Therefore you need to think about things like how many people will be attending, where they are coming from and the costs that this is going to incur.

For smaller training events, you may want to hold the day within your own company building but this might not be possible with larger numbers. The good news is that conference venues or meeting rooms provide a great alternative.

Most of the time you only pay for the number of people that will be there and for the size of the room you require, which is great if people start pulling out.

Also, you will be able to hire any equipment you need so the day will be conducted professionally and no one has to worry about carrying things like A-boards and projectors to the venue.


If you are planning an all-day event then the people who are coming will need to be fed and watered throughout the day. Therefore you need to decide whether you are going to give them regular breaks so that they can go and grab something or whether you will provide food for them throughout the day.

If you want to give your training day a more relaxed feel and encourage more of a team building atmosphere, the latter option may be the best choice. Luckily most conference rooms you can hire will also include a price for food if you want to add it.

You could always go one step further and hire out a restaurant and conduct your training during the meal. Something else you may want to think about is whether you are going to provide tea and coffee or just merely water for your trainees. Failing to offer them refreshments may lead to a break down in attention and increased tea breaks being taken.

Getting The Word Out

Once you have planned your training day, you are going to have to spread the word so that everyone knows of the up and coming event. If your training is just for members of your company then this might be as simple as sending out a group email but if you are offering places to people outside of your business then you may have to go further.

For example you may want to advertise your training on Facebook and other social media sites as well as maybe using some of Google’s paid advertising to spread the word online.

Once everyone knows about the event, it is important to make sure that they can all get to the venue. Luckily most conference rooms in London are close to major underground stations or have great transport links in other ways. It might be a good idea to include a map with the information you are sending out and always remember to include a post code.